Abe is expected to remain PM with the Japan-head of polling

Voters in Japan are today the answer to Abe’s snap election 22 OctRecent opinion polls have pointed to Abe to be returned with a comfortable majority in the wake of the implosion of the opposition, but he has already said he will resign as leader if it was not successful.A convincing victory, however, would increase the probability that he will win a third term as leader of the LDP, in September next, and go on to become Japan’s longest-serving prime minister.
Abe has already led the LDP to four landslide victories since he took the leadership of the party, but the participation rate has been historically low, and the LDP won with about 25% of eligible votes. Others have previously either stayed home or backed opposition parties

As voters head to the polls today, the powerful Typhoon Lan has been dumping heavy rains over a large part of Japan, the threat of lowering the participation rate of new, but the BBC reports that the LDP is on course to safety on 35% of the vote, in spite of his low approval rates and the unpopularity of the decision to call for an early election. An early exit poll by the SCT at the tv showed Abe’s LDP coalition was set to win 311 seats, keeping its two-thirds «super-majority» in the 465-member of the lower chamber. Some of the other broadcasters had the decision block slightly below two-thirds of the brand.

The voting ends at 8 p. m, local time. (11:00 GMT) and most of the exit polls by the result. Final official results will be early Monday morning, so we can expect a reaction in Asia, although the negotiation of an Abe win is mainly taken into account with the Nikkei 225 rising+ 21-year-old senior recently as overseas investors seek the passage. In the FX markets, I do not see any serious reaction to an Abe win.

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