Forex Technical Analysis: The USDJPY waffles down on the day but barely

Do not go very farThe USDJPY ended yesterday at 110.156. The price just peeled over this line at 110.17. We are back at 110.10. The front London summits of the day had remained on the low side of the line closing by a pip. Sometimes cross 0 (unchanged), makes a difference, especially when traders use it as a ceiling technique.

Other eye levels include 110.30 area. On September 1 (the day), the price was higher, but then the 110.30 zone was used as a ceiling. Above, and trend line cuts through at 110.42. The day of high employment came in at 110.475 and the high on August 31 stood at 110.663.
On the flip side, the 109.827 was the high swing from 4 September. The 200 bar MA on the chart in 4 hours (the green of the online step) comes at 109.717.
I know we are in the red today, and there are levels above the track, but it seems that trying them lower today only could not gain any momentum. Get in the dark, and things will look better.
Opening stocks, with drops that should not help backwards. The S & P is down -4 points or -0.16%. The Nasdaq is down by -16 points or -0.25%.
WE Yields are stopped near unchanged levels. I guess the debt market is looking for a push too.

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