Australian politics — Senator Parry confirmed dual-citizen with the united KINGDOM

He said that he would resign if soBye!
Yesterday, this guy finally had time to check … More Australian politics — the President of the Senate think that he is a dual citizen, he may resign

I don’t know what took so long, it may well be that no one would notice. The Clown.
And, last week — 5 Deputies in the grass outside the parliament for this:

  • Last week, the High Court has ruled that the election of five of the seven Members ineligibleunder of section 44(i) of the constitution.

—The implications of this palaver is that the government has lost its majority in the lower house. there is an upcoming election for the MP (Barnaby Joyce, the man who wanted to kill Johnny Depp and dogs). Joyce is expected to win his seat back. We are going to see.

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