BAE Systems to lay up to 2000 workers

Britain’s largest arms manufacturer, BAE, is out with the highly anticipated newsTalk in the last 24 hours has been a figure of close to 1000, so it adds a little fuel to a burning fire.Most of the job losses will be at two plants in Lancashire, united KINGDOM
The company has been in trouble for some time with a slowdown in orders for the Eurofighter Typhoon. Qatar last month agreed to buy the 24, but an expected order from Saudi Arabia did not materialize and Typhoon would have won fewer orders, until now, in 2017 as a rival fighter aircraft built by France’s Dassault Aviation.
Rumours of job losses had already given rise to the call of the union bosses for the UK government to intervene with the Union Unite assistant General Secretary Steve Turner, saying:
«The united KINGDOM, the government can put an end to the uncertainty surrounding the future of thousands of British BAE defense of jobs at a stroke by committing to build the next generation of fighter planes, here, in the united KINGDOM»
Not good news from BAE, but, hey, we’re going to get a bit of quiet leadership of PM Can huh? Grrrrr.
GBPUSD testing 1.3200 again now that the general USD supply prevails. EURUSD up to 1.1783 again. Dark for BAE workers

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