Book always in demand as NA offices enter the fray

Positive dominant tones of this morning for the pairs GBP 9 OctIt had its sticking points, but the demand which prevails for the GBPUSD post 1.3184 helped by the EURGBP down through strong support and the request to 0.8920 post 0.8907 in a hurry after the two pair triggered stops.
As I said in the comments on another post, I had a tight stop on the cable at 1.3160 and will re-evaluate. Not possible to work around my habits of dexterity when I’m flying solo here unfortunately.
Not complaining though. Did a good run down of the last week, to give a little pips until now, today, certainly not a great drama. Can’t win ’em all, and I win more than I lose so I’ll go again at some point. No need to rush, but my little finger tells me that the rally of the steam is running a little bit.
I have highlighted decent sell interest/res between 1.3180-00 and which is correct for the time, with 1.3184 high now in retirement from 1.3170 so I hope that some of you have been able to take the advantage.
Focus on May/brexit/ONS of the inflation revision/correction, as buyers get the upper hand.
See you all back tomorrow for more forex fun n games. GBPUSD 15m EURGBP 15m

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