Book gets another slap in the midst of renewed brexit concerns

Not a good press conference for the Queen of currencies 12 OctHuge impasses still the order of the day in brexit talks to judge by the last presser foot remarks we have seen Barnier and Davis.
This concern is being weighed more heavily against the united KINGDOM and the pound and we have seen dips in the GBPUSD pair to 1.3142 of 1.3255 tightening a little long in the process. Demand support in the 1.3120 the next target/line in the sand.
EURGBP up through stubborn resistance at 0.9000 triggering stops posting 0.9023 just shy of decent offers/res at 0.9030, while the GBPJPY is down 147.67 just to the side of some support at 147.50.
I remain a GBP rally seller.
I always say in these markets you never know what is around the corner, which is why patience and discipline are very good, hand in hand. The bears and bulls have to need both of these qualities in droves in recent times.


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