China «Beige Book» notes strong growth but «potentially darker story 2018»

The china Beige Book International surveys of Chinese business each quarter, using a methodology adapted from the U.S. Federal Reserve’s Beige BookThe Book Beige is available only for subscribers to their service, but Reuters have a summary of the room of the last:

  • China’s economic growth likely slipped to the third quarter
  • Still in better shape than last year
  • The Profits of Chinese companies are higher
  • Employment growth robust
  • Commodities boom began to reverse the trend
  • «While growth is reduced at almost all levels of quarter-to-quarter, the economy has a number of success,» the BBA said in its report.»The concern is not how the economy is doing now, but where it is headed. Under substantial accomplishments lies a potentially dark tale of 2018.»
  • the main risks are the continued over-reliance on cheap, easy credit and the «old» engines of growth, such as manufacturing and property

Reuters story here for more

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