China expects to meet 2017 GDP of 6.5%

This is said in the China NDRC head of the Congress of the Communist Party, 21 Oct

  • striving for a GDP of more than 6.5% this year
  • the stick of steel, cutting capacity to the mission of this year
  • prevent any return of illegal steel on the market
  • China to open its economy wider to foreign capital
  • unchanged position on the support to foreign investment

The optimistic tone of China in the light of recent upbeat data. Economists believe that China, the real growth should easily beat the target. The economy grew 6.8% in Q3 and 6.9% in the 1st half.Last year, the growth rate of 6.7%, a 26-year low.
«All good huh ?» «Yes, just as long as these bamboo shoots are still growing too»

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