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Coming up at the bottom of the hour: ECB Minutes — Forex Stock Trade

Coming up at the bottom of the hour: ECB Minutes

Yes folks, your next risk event out of the rank at 12: 30 GMTWill the minutes show a more hawkish bias, then Draghi would have us believe ? The euro bulls hope so, but do we all know, anyway?
No time to find it now. I’m going to have the key of titles displayed, but you will find the minutes published on the website of the ECB.
We can, as always, wait for the first algo-led reaction, however, as the report plays, so be ready with your input/output from any side you want to play.
Place orders in advance can often be useful given the casual speed of moves and subsequent reversals, though, it may be prudent to wait and manually trigger executions once you have the size of the data in its entirety, and has assessed the share price.

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