Euro Gains limited as the ECB’s Minutes tell us little that we didn’t know

ECB Minutes eagerly awaited but, in fact, delivered little of note 23 NovAs is especially the case with the Minute version, there is more hype and expectation of something that we already know from the meeting of the declaration and, indeed, after the meeting of the comments of gov members of the board.
EURUSD chewed through the 1.1850 offers/res, but still unable to beat through the recent summits of 1.1861 and now at 1.1843..
EURGBP 0.8898 of 0.8912. EURJPY fails above 131.80 and now 131.74
Wait for the dip buyers yet, but it’s obvious there are still sellers waiting to jump on the excesses of the rally.
I’m heading away now. Happy Thanksgiving to our US readers .To take advantage of.

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