European major indices mixed. The German DAX down a bit after the big run yesterday.

UK yields down sharply after more dovish BOEThe the Main European stock indexes are at the end of the day mixed. The German DAX, which has risen over 1.8% yesterday, consolidated/corrected a little today.

  • German DAX decline of -0.2%
  • France CACdown -0.1%
  • UK FTSE up 0.9%
  • Spain’s Ibex index down -0.6%
  • In italy, the FTSE MIB Up 0.24%
  • Portugal PSI20 up 0.26%

In the framework of the 10-year sector debt, the UK has fallen sharply after a more dovish tone by the BOE. Other, yields were very little changed.

  • German 0.372%, unchanged
  • France 0.761%, unchanged
  • United KINGDOM 1.259%, -8.4 basis points
  • Spain 1.486%, +1.1 basis point
  • Italy 1.803%, unchanged
  • Portugal 2.102%, unchanged
  • The greece of 5.09%, -17 basis points

In other markets, such as London/European traders look to the output:

  • Spot gold is trading up $.58, or 0.4%, to $1275
  • WTI crude oil is trading unchanged at $54.30
  • US yields are lower, but the lowest level. 2 years 1.612%, unchanged. 5 year 2.006%, -1.1 basis points. 10 years 2.3541%, -1.8 basis points. 30 years 2.8342%, -2.3 basis points
  • US major stock market indices are mixed at the top and bottom of today’s markets: S&P 500 to 2.24 points, or -0.9%. The NASDAQ composite index, -10.1 points, or -0.15%. The industrial average Dow +35 points, or +0.15%.

In the foreign exchange market, a snapshot of the strongest and weakest currencies shows that the AUD is the strongest, while the pound sterling is the weakest. Most of the trend of the action was in the GBP after the BOE’s more dovish comments. All of the major pairs show the GBP is lower by -1.39% or less (GBPAUD is down -1.88%).
Finally, bitcoin exchange over $7,000 for the 1st time, but is trading just below this level at 6994.82 currently. The 200 bar MA on the 5-minute chart is to 6961.205. A move below should solicit more selling. Staying above keeps the bulls in control over (see the 5-minute chart below).

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