European stocks end mixed. Spain’s Ibex falls.

Ibex worst day since the day after BrexitThe European equities are at the end of the day mixed. Spain’s Ibex is the outlier, falling by -2.9% on the impact of the Cantalonia situation.

  • Germany’s Dax up 0.5%
  • France the Cac decrease of -0.1%
  • UK FTSE flat
  • Spain’s Ibex index down -2.9%
  • In italy, the FTSE MIB down -1.44%
  • Portugal PSI20 down 1.0%

In 10 years, the debt market:

  • Germany 0.452%, down -1 bp
  • France 0.748%, unchanged
  • United KINGDOM 1.381 per cent, up 2.8 bp
  • Spain 1.783%, up 6 bp
  • Italy 2.196%, up 3 bp
  • Portugal 2.414ghz%, unchanged

At the end of the day of Europe:

  • Spot gold is up $2.57 to $1274.30
  • WTI crude oil is rising $0.04 to $ 50.46. A greater reduction in stocks sent the price back up after a decline below $50 for a moment to the night
  • U.s. equities are back in the black at the end of the set of measures opened lower. The S&P is up 2.6 points or 0.10%. The Nasdaq is 4.49 points, or 0.07%. Dow is up 31 points or 0.14%
  • US yields are higher with the 2-year 1.475%, up 0.4 bp. 10 years is 2.339%, up 1.6 bp. 30 years of 2.888%, up 2.4 bp

The snapshot of the strongest and weakest currencies shows that the order has been jumbled around since the beginning of the NA session. The AUD is now the strongest (the JPY has been the strongest early), and the CHF is the weakest (USD was the lowest earlier).

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