Fed Kashkari speak now — direct link

Neel Kashkari is the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of MinneapolisSpeaking at a town hall event, answering questions from the audience

  • Do not see signs that the u.s. economy is close to overheating
  • Don’t see inflation out, no need to press the brakes

Kashkari, with his usual less than hawkish take on the economy so far.

  • Believes that there is slack in the labour market are not accounted for in national statistics
  • Fed should be under no pressure to increase the rate, it is time for inflation to the rise of the objective

If Kashkari keeps this kind of » no increase comment, it’s going to be in the running to be the new Chairman of the Federal Reserve … this is music to the ears of the american administration. Amiright?

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