Fed’s Dudley: Economy on track, despite the storms, the fundamental principles favourable

The comments from the Fed’s Dudley to New York

  • Surprised by the persistence of the inflation deficit below 2%
  • Always appropriate to the gradual removal of policy accommodation
  • Expects inflation to rise and stabilize around 2%
  • Expenditure of the advance, and investments should continue to increase
  • Waiting for surprisingly low inflation rebound in the medium term
  • Inflation can be held in place by more «fundamental structural» factors
  • The weakening of the dollar and solid growth abroad also suggest that the trade sector will no longer be a dampening effect on economic growth
  • Full speech

The subject of the speech was » The monetary policy outlook and the importance of higher education for economic mobility.

These observations are similar to what he said recently. I don’t see a signal here, he was optimistic/gradual hike to train for a certain time.

Dudley will take questions from the audience later.

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