Fed’s Rosengren — supports regular and gradual US rate increases

Boston President of the Federal Reserve Rosengren, speaking in new york (the

The Money Marketeers
obligations of traders group)

  • Regular backup and progressive of the » US rate hikes
  • The economy risks overheating with rising inflation, the prices of the assets
  • The Fed should not overreact to temporary weakness in inflation
  • Expects inflation to rise through the end of 2018, the rate of unemployment below its «full employment» level
  • Low wireless phone, prescription drug prices drag on overall inflation
  • Hurricane effects ‘significantly the cloud u.s. economic data over the next few months

(Headlines via Reuters)

There will be more of Rosengren in the Q&A to follow. It is not a dove, but supports measured rate hikes …. regular and progressive

more to come

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