For the Trumpet, the stock market is a dashboard for the Fed

Trump really cares about the price of the shares

The rating is not to displease the President of trumps, but the stock market.

Trump constantly tweets about the records the Dow, but this is not just political spin, he really cares about the stock price.

Or at least that is what we have learned from reports on how it has chosen a new president of the Fed.

Trump has a tendency to choose Yellen, because he sees it as responsible for the stock market and shares. Bloomberg has spoken a half-dozen employees who were inside the process, and the takeaway is that Yellen has been the Asset of choice, but he was convinced (mainly by Mnuchin) that Powell has been similar to Yellen, but to «change» his base wanted.

For me, the takeaway is that the President cares deeply price of the shares. It is a good enough reason to buy it.

Bloomberg has more.

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