Forex technical analysis: USDJPY extends from the beach to the downside

Falls below 112.208 levelThe USDJPY is cracking below the 112.208 -31 area. This is the 3rd test below which was an area of floor. On Tuesday, the low extended to 111.98. Yesterday, the low extended to 112.07. The bottom just reached 112.12. A downward trend line on the hourly is in the course of test at this level.

The beach is 36 pips for the day. The 22-day average is 81 points. There is room to roam if the fracture is achieved with an additional boost.
The next targets the 38.2% retracement at 111.94. The day 200 MA to 111,793. The price moved above the 200-day return on the 25th of September and has remained above it since the break-up.
US yields are less than 10 years yield -2.9 bp to 2.319%. The 30-year decline of -3.1 bp to 2.8514%. The treasury auction of 10-year yesterday, and 30-year bonds earlier today. The two auctions had a good demand.

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