Forex technical analysis: USDJPY hangs near October high

* actually took the early October high and has failed but is back near the levelThe USDJPY is hung near the beginning of October to high-113.43. In fact, that the top has been taken in the negotiation earlier today, with a print of 113.463, but the break failed. However, the price is hanging near the level of stocks ready to open more..

A big trend of the line of the cut across to 113.69. The May peaked at 114.367. The July beat on high with an extension 114.49. Those are targets on the upside from the daily chart. Earlier this week (and last Friday), the pair based near 200 days. The price actually fell below the MA line, but could not sustain any momentum below (see hourly chart below).
Looking at the 4-hour chart below, the pair has a strong trend line at 113.51. Get above and stay above, opens the door to more benefits (more optimistic)
Stocks are open now and they are of the top opening. The S&P is 6.58 points. The Dow jones is up about 44 points, and the Nasdaq is up about 24 points. Record intraday high for the Dow jones and the S&P.
WE, the rates are higher. 2 years is 1.5681%, up 3.8 bp. 10 years is 2.3772% up 5.9 bp. 30 years is 2.8921% up to 5.5 bp. The tax reform hope is to give the rate a boost on the strengthening of growth expectations.

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