Happy Diwali again to all

It is time to say Happy Diwali again and warmly greet all our readers Oct 19

Otherwise known as Dipawali or The Festival of Lights, it is the most important festival in the calendar of India, which began as a celebration of Hindu, but now has a huge significance for all religions across the whole country.

Starting today, and until Oct 23rd to thank them for the harvest, many of the lights are on and the desserts are prepared and eaten! Not to mention usually a solid purchase of the session of the gold in the period leading up to the annual event.

The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance, and that is something we can all strive for in these uncertain times and the markets, a message that I sent last year also. A few things have changed huh?

So, as I say every year, to all our readers celebrating this festival, where you are in the world, ShubhDipawali from all of us at ForexLive community!

We would be delighted to see one of your photos, which can be sent to you in the thread of comments.

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