India Jaitley said that the government will respond appropriately to economic challenges

The indian finance minister in New Delhi on October 24,

  • India ready to deal with the problems as they develop
  • the aim is to keep India, the strong growth of the state economy
  • the effort is to support economic growth rates
  • the structural reforms that bring long-term benefits
  • India’s macro-economic fundamentals remain solid
  • the government has chalked out a roadmap to boost the economy

What do our readers in India think about it ? Jaitley speak of the warm air or may be govt policy to have a positive impact?
Economic affairs secretary Garg:

  • inflation will not cross 4% this year
  • inflation steadily over the past 3 years
  • the current account deficit to very low
  • the slowdown in growth of GDP has reached the bottom of the barrel
  • The growth of GDP will soon be more than 8%

More than 8% ? Wow. Indian bond yields to drop comments break. In 2027, the bond yield down 3bps to 6.77% Jaitley — India ready to face challenges

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