Jamie Dimon in a fight with the wrong people

Jimon Dimon will be travelled tirelessly

Ranking of fanatics:
4. Green Bay Packers fans
3. Apple fanboys
2. Hardcore religious fanatics
1. People who own Bitcoin

The first rule of the internet in 2017 is not to say something bad about Bitcoin. The true believers are everywhere on the internet and I’m pretty sure that they are fitted with radio collars that alert them every time someone says something bad about Bitcoin.

Yesterday Jamie Dimon said he has been speak of Bitcoin, today he changed his mind and said that «any person who buys Bitcoin is stupid» and that the government will crush a day.

«Who cares about Bitcoin?» he said to the Institute of International Finance, and then called a «very good product» to the criminals.

He then went on to say that it was really his last comment on the Bitcoin.

I can’t wait until someone trolls him on the next quarterly earnings call.

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