JP Morgan see Fed raising rates 4 times in 2018

3X previously.JP Morgan liked the October payroll so much that they now expect the Fed to raise rates 4 times in 2018. It is from 3 times previously.
That, having regard to the 0.25% hike penciled in for December — would be the target of the Fed’s range to 2.25% -2.5%.
The 2 year note is at 1.6205%. Of 10 years, the yield is to 2.3397%. Does it make sense?
Of course, the German 10-year is 0.364% and, therefore, the debt managers, 2.339% > 0.364% (not accounting for currency risk if the position is not hedged). If the Fed did not lead to higher yields lead to rising rates in Europe?
Anyway, it is only one of the banks notice for the moment….

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