The DAC is the strongest and the NZD is the lowest in the morning

September 13, 2017 Snapshot of the strongest and weakest currencies. In North America traders entering the day trading, the Canadian dollar is the strongest currency, while the NZD is the lowest. However, the main currencies are grouped together. There is not much space. The table from the strongest to the lowest can not move. As for the dollar, the greenback is more negative down vs. EUR, JPY, CHF, CAD and AUD and modestly against the pound sterling and the NZD.

To go with the shmushed pairs is usually less volatility. The bottom of the cards show the top and bottom and the narrowest trading beaches vs. their 22 day average ranges (about a month, trading value). The GBP pairs have the most action on the back of weak data on wages earlier today. Other pairs like EURUSD traded above and below the unchanged line (up to 15 pips today), but only has a 34 pip trading range. That is below the average which stands at 89 pips today. There is room to wander if there is push (above 100 hours of MA to 1.19959 or below the 50% and 200 hours of MA to 1.1957 and 1.1950 respectively).

A look at the other markets of the watch:

Gold for cash is $ 2.00 to $ 1333.80
Brut WTI is up from $ 0.45 to $ 48.69. The private, inventory data came out last night and showed stocks of crude oil rose 6,181 mm. The quote is for an increase of 4.911 M for a LAPINE of data to be released at 10:30 AM ET / 1430 GMT
AMERICAN returns are trading around unchanged levels today. 2 years 1.3350%, 5 years, 1.7438%. 10 years 2.1637%. 30 years 2.7661%
WE pre-market, stocks are a little lower. S & P futures are down by -3 points. The Nasdaq, futures are down 11 points and the Dow futures are down 14 points
European equities are for the most part. The United Kingdom, the FTSE index is down -0.2%. German Dax up 0.1%. France Cac up 0.1%
10 years yields in Europe has changed little. The German unchanged at 0.401%. France unchanged t 0.693%. United Kingdom 1.142%, unchanged.

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