The disappointment iPhone marks a turning point for US stocks?

S & P 500 Opens Lower Than Apple Shares Slide

Today is one of those examples where conventional wisdom is true. One of the most talked about trades is to buy Apple shares leading the ad and sell when the product is launched.

Shares of 7.6% from the beginning of August to yesterday opened, but the lack of new functions led to a decline of 1.2% today.

Who helped put the S & P 500 down 2 points to 2494 today.

Again, it is difficult to fade, stocks, despite the seasonal weakness of September. The index just broke on the rise.


So maybe instead of getting carried away by conventional wisdom on Apple-trading shares, perhaps the thing to do is to stay simple and buy the break. After all, the shares are passing, citing Mulvaney, that the Trump is «insistent» on a 15% corporate tax rate.

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