Losing your job to a robot? Forget not to join the army

The Robots take military jobs

Add military jobs to the long list of professions under threat due to the automation. The united states has 1.3 million active personnel, including 323,000 in the navy.

The last number may decrease in the future, because the defense contractors designing drone ships that operate at a fraction of the cost, work in dangerous conditions and never need to bring sailors home.

Bloomberg reports that the navy faces pressure to develop unnamed aerial vehicles, submarines, and surface ships. A test ship, anti-submarine is already built.

For me, if the armed forces are mostly robots, it seems more likely that they would have opened fire on each other.

In other automation news, the CEO of Microsoft, Nadella is a new book out where he talks about using the AI to increase the human capacity instead of using technology to replace people.

This is an ambitious goal, but it is increasingly difficult to imagine a future where there are enough jobs for everyone. It may be that we are going to build robot ships to attack other robot ships in a battle without end.

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