Most of Carney (2): Believes that it will be «brexit» transition period

The governor of the BOE mark Carney still the testimony of the TSC Oct 17

  • absolutely in the interest of the EU to have a
  • BOE to work on contingency for hard brexit
  • The EU banks have been much less preparation for brexit, the united KINGDOM companies established in
  • should not assume that the BOE will authorize all branches of EU banks currently active in the united KINGDOM
  • if the united KINGDOM leaves it without an agreement of the EU will be short of financial services in the short-term capacity

Ntg new in the emergency plans. That has been said many times before, and careful preparation.
During this time GBPUSD the pair continues to slide, a test of 1.3200. EURGBP up by 0.8900. The falcons are not happy with the tone of Carney & Co this morning.

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