Nasdaq trades at the peaks. The Test levels for the week…

Up 0.66% on Wednesday, the Nasdaq composite index opened at a new all-time high level of 6759.66, but moved back lower.

After having corrected the low of Monday during yesterday’s trading and the support of the conclusion of the buyer, the pair continued to the top step. We just moved to a new high for the week and a new intraday high in the process.
The pause is not running — the index of good health of 0.66% on the day already, but it is difficult to sell this market.
The beat goes on for the Nasdaq.

For the S&P index, it is higher return, but is just below Wednesday’s high-priced to 2588.40. The price is trading at the high for the day at 2588.09. We are almost there…..

PS the Nasdaq is now up 0.72% to 6764.

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