NSO will introduce the monthly GDP model of publication in July 2018

United KINGDOM the Office for National Statistics with an announcement made earlier 19th Oct

  • We will move to using the new GDP model of publication in 2018, with the first estimate of the monthly GDP (for the reference month of May) to be put in place in July 2018 and the first quarter estimate of GDP (Q2 2018) under the new model introduced in August 2018.

  • We will put in place a set of products intended to be released as part of the new monthly and quarterly publications with the new model, in collaboration with the users, in order to provide a clear and consistent picture of economic activity

  • We will take a number of steps to ensure that any negative impact on the content of the data in the first estimate of GDP, is reduced to a minimum. For example, we will review our survey and broader data processing timetables as well as our estimation and forecasting methods

  • We will publish an article in the Spring of 2018 explaining the changes to the publishing model in detail, the products that we will produce under the new model, and a clear schedule of dates of publication from the date of implementation.

In addition to the ONS here

The one for the data geeks. Put the date in your diary.

I love the line, in paragraph 2, «…for the purpose of providing clear and consistent picture of economic activity». I am sure it will be the clearest and most consistent of the mud.

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