OECD’s Gurria says, «a bumpy road» ahead until brexit uncertainty cleared

OECD secretary-general Gurria, speaking in London, on the 17th of October

  • UK one of the pol should continue to support the
  • The BOE should look through inflation boost from weak pound

I make him right, although many economists ( I am only a humble merchant) would disagree and argue that rates should be jacked up higher, no matter.

  • The united KINGDOM is expected to boost investment spending
    if the growth is considerably weakened by the advance of «brexit»
  • reversal of «brexit» would have a significant impact on the economic growth

In response UK fin min Hammond said:

  • the certainty of «brexit» support agreement of the investment
  • confident that we can increase the productivity in the united KINGDOM
  • boost productivity will be a theme of Nov budget

GBPUSD the pair continues its journey to the south of 1.3192 EURGBP up to 0.8914

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