Russia Lavrov on why the us won’t attack North Korea

Lavrov said the united states knows that North Korea possesses nuclear weapons

Russian foreign minister Lavrov at the United Nations on Friday called the war of words between the united states and North Korea as a «kindergarten fight between the children,» and said a more flexible approach is necessary.

In an interview with Russian television NTV, Sunday, he said that the AMERICANS will not attack North Korea.

«The Americans don’t lead a strike (North) Korea, because it is not that they suspect, they know that it has nuclear bombs,» Lavrov said.

«I’m not defending North Korea, I’m just saying that almost everyone agrees with this analysis.»

He called for a change in US tactics.

«We could fall in a very unpredictable fall and tens, if not hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens of South Korea, but also North Korea, of course, and Japan are going to suffer — and Russia and China are close,» Lavrov said.

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