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Switzerland toilet clogged with dumped 500 €note (yes, really) — Forex Stock Trade

Switzerland toilet clogged with dumped 500 €note (yes, really)

Several restaurants in Geneva, have found their toilet blocked by reams of shredded €500 notes

  • The Police are investigating
  • The notes were cut off and thrown in different places over the last few months
  • The Tribune de Geneve reported investigators were working on the theory that the notes belonged to unnamed Spanish women, who have placed money in a Geneva vault several years ago.

It is by The Time
The EUR 500 note is being phased out. If someone wants to get rid of thiers, please forward them to me to rinse.
In fact, I used to frequent forums where the occasional moron chap would be shit on to opine that the USD was worthless. I have offered several times to come around and get rid of him, but no takers. Silly plonkers.

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