The BOE’s mark Carney sees slower UK economic growth to «brexit» no-deal

The bank of England governor to speak to ITV earlier this morning, November 5,

  • United KINGDOM, business investment is now expected to be in full swing, given the strength of the global economy and other factors, but it is only more instead

  • this is due to the uncertainty on the outcome of the negotiations of «brexit»

«In the short-term, without question, if we have significantly less access to the european single market) that we have now, this economy is going to need to reorient and during this period of time it is going to weigh on growth»

  • possible that in the case of a bad brexit case, the BoE would not be able to reduce the interest rate in the future because of inflationary pressure.

Nothing of real note here but Carney highlights again the dangers of «brexit» not-to-treat and the lack of margin of manoeuvre that it has still, even with a 0.25% rate hike last week as a result of the hiking opportunity that may be suitable to the Old Lady as a precautionary measure. A case that I have often emphasized here.
The take-away? Balanced in my humble opinion.
Carney — the Slowing down of the growth on the transaction, but inflation is potentially still a concern

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