The CAD is the strongest. The NZD is the weakest.

A snapshot of the strongest and the weakest as NA traders to enter the day, the 25th of September, 2017The snapshot of the strongest and the weakest of the currencies of North America traders enter for the day, the CAD as the strongest currency, while the NZD is the weakest.

The USD is most of the time on the rise with decent gains against the euro (+0.70%) and NZD (+0.74% and CHF (+0.47%) and more modest gains against the JPY (-0.20%). The dollar is slightly against the GBP and AUD whlle the only currency that the dollar is weaker against the CAD, but it is hardly more low.
The reanges are mixed in trading today with most of the pairs are below their 22 day avearges. The GBPUSD pair is most active at 99 pips. The NZDUSD has a strong 92 pips trading range, and trades, and near the bottom.

In other markets, a screenshot shows:

  • Spot gold is down$5.61 $1291.72
  • WTI crude oil $0.63, or 1.24 per cent to $51.29
  • With us stocks in pre-market are lower. S&P is down -1.25 points. The Nasdaq futures are down -11.25 points. Dow futures are down -7 points
  • US yields are little changed in early trading in the week. 2 year 1.4312%, unchanged. 5 years 1.8582%, -0.3 bp. 10 years 2.2481%, unchanged. 30 years 2.7855%, +0.6 bps

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