The hurricane news will be back on the agenda in the days to come

The hurricane season is not over yet

The worst of the hurricane season in years could still have a surprise. The NHC reports that the storm is likely to organize off the north coast of Honduras today and Saturday.

«Tropical storm watches and warnings may be necessary for the Cayman
Islands, central and western Cuba, and the central and north-west of
Bahamas, later today or tonight. Interests in the Florida Keys and
South Florida should also follow the progress of this disturbance,» the NHC said in its latest report.

US officials estimate that 80 per cent chance of a tropical storm forming in the next 48 hours.

The end of this season, it is not likely to generate the force of Harvey, Irma, or Maria, but it could disrupt oil production in the gulf in the coming week, according to the direction in which it moves.

Oil is trading at the best levels since the month of March, with WTI up $1.06 to$53.70 today.

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