The main article today is not Manafort, this is the Papadopolous guilty plea and cooperation

George Papadopolous faces four years in prison, and he is cooperating

The more news that Manafort indictment today may be that the Asset campaign advisor George Papadopolous has pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI. The case had been under seal until today.

Papadopolous met a teacher who had substantial connections to representatives of the Russian government on «thousands of e-mails» of Hilary Clinton. He has continued to make efforts to arrange a meeting between the campaign and representatives of the Russian government.

The Manafort fees are all on the laundering of money from events prior to the election, but all that relates to the Papadopolous is from the election. He even met a woman who was presented as Putin’s niece.

On or about April 26, 2016, the defendant PAPADOPOULOS met with the Professor of the
breakfast in a London hotel. During this meeting, the Teacher said defendant
PAPADOPOULOS that he had just returned from a trip to Moscow where he met with high-level
Representatives of the Russian government. The Teacher said defendant PAPADOPOULOS on
this trip, he (the Teacher) has learned that the Russians had obtained from the «dirt» on the candidate
Clinton. The Teacher said defendant PAPADOPOULOS, as a defendant PAPADOPOULOS later described to the FBI, that «They [the Russians] have the dirt on him»; «the Russians had e-mails
Clinton»; «they have thousands of e-mails.»

It is safe, sounds like the Podesta file.

That Papadopolous is cooperating with Mueller. Even more disturbing, the statement says:

«On July 27, 2017, the defendant PAPADOPOULOS has been arrested on his arrival at the
The Dulles International Airport. Following his arrest, the defendant PAPADOPOULOS met the
Government on numerous occasions to provide information and answer questions.»

The sentencing guideline, which calls for four years, also says:

«The Government is committed to bring to the attention of the Court to the conviction of the defendant
efforts to cooperate with the Government, as long as your customer continues to meet
and to provide information about any and all subjects for whom the Government deems

Read the charges here.

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