The NZD is the strongest. The GBP is tumbling and weaker as NA traders enter for the day.

USD is mixedThe GBP is to obtain a grinding in the NA traders enter for the trading day.

Cable down against all the major currency pairs, and the pairs are in trend. The NZD is the strongest currency, with the GBPNZD in the head. The GBPNZD stalled at the rising trend line and fell below the 100 bar MA on the 4-hour chart to 1.85370. Today, it is the risk of short circuits. The pair remains above a declining trend line at 1.8394. The 200 bar MA 4-the hour is to 1.83457 (in green in the table below). These are the drop targets on a continuous series down.

The GBP pairs are in the lead with respect to the volatility. In the lower part of the chart below, the pair have already reached(or close) to the 22 day average trading ranges (about a month of trading). Most are also trading at extreme levels. While they are a good trend of employment. The sellers of the book are in control.

In other markets, of a watch:

  • Spot gold of $3 to $1294.60
  • WTI crude oil down -$0.72 to $50.58.
  • US yields are lower: 2 yar 1.508%, down -1 bp. 5 years 1.9396%, down -1.6 bp. 10 years 2.3320%, down -1.6 bp. 30 years 2.8705%, down -1.1 bp
  • With us stocks in pre-market trading are down a touch. S&P futures are down -4.50 points. Dow futures are down by -21 points and the Nasdaq futures are down -3.75 points.
  • European equities are mixed. Dax is unchanged. The Cac was down -0.3%. The UK FTSE is up +0.4%. Spain’s ibex index down -0.1%. Italy’s FTSE MIB decreased -0.4%

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