The USD is the strongest currency, the CHF is the weakest, as NA traders enter

On September 27, 2017The USD is stronger and the CHF is the lowest in North America traders enter for the trading day.

The 38.2% of the move down from December 2016 top comes to 0.97729. This area has also been a ceiling to return the last 4 months of trading.

The major pairs against the US dollar and all the cross currencies trading in ranges below their 22 day averages (about a months trading), but the beaches are not bad with the new york session. So, decent of the volatility, but not to escape from the volatility. USDJPY, USDCHF, EURUSD are close to negotiating high value of the dollar extreme. The JPY crosses are also in close proximity to high levels. The GBPUSD pair lower (-38 pips) was much lower on the day.

In other markets today:

  • Spot gold is at$5.50 to $1288.88. The dollar is stronger/less tension in north Korea and the gold moves down
  • WTI crude is unchanged at $51.87. It is always above $50 level and all of a sudden the talk though of how the offer is not too high. DOE inventory data are at 10:30 am ET/1430 GMT
  • US yields are today. 2 years is 1.4727%, up 2.7 bp. 5 years is 1.18954%, up 3.7 bp. 10 years is 2.2854%, up 4.9 bp. 30 years is 2.8246%, up 5 bp
  • U.s. equities are expected to open highe. The Nasdaq futures are up 20 points. S&P futures are up 5.25 points. Dow futures are up 27 points.

Durable goods orders at the bottom of the hour, the waiting to be 1.0% versus -6.8% last month.

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