Tide slowly turns to the US dollar, the three themes

U.S. Dollar recovers most of its losses

It became one of those days for the US dollar. It was a little low at the beginning, but it was a bit strong late. Neither movement had a particular theme behind it, or any real gusto.

Three stories took the spotlight

1) China

The Communist Party Congress begins next week and the thinking is that Chinese officials want to see some of yuan force from the start. In two days of bargaining this week, the pair USD/JPY is down 1.3%

2) the Tax worries

The ebb and flow on the tax exchange will be a key driver of the US dollar per month. The latest is that the Asset is in a spat with Republican Senator Bob corker that began with the last emphasis on the need to avoid the creation of more debt.

3) the Obligations

US 10-year have sunk as low as 2.31% at the start but are back to 2.34%. Last week, Bill Gross has pointed out 2.40% a pivotal role in the long-term level, so that the line in the sand to watch.

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