Trump says to invite Schumer and Pelosi for dinner

Trump invites on top, two Democrats, according to Bloomberg

Eating with tonight’s president will be Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. They are the leaders of the Democratic Committees of the Senate and of the House, respectively.

The take-away is that Asset would say that he has tried to put together a sort of bi-partisan effort to reform the tax. Alone, which raises the chances of something actually going through 50%.

They may all be false pretenses, because the Democrats have not been involved so far, but Trump may have seen how easy it was to find an agreement with the Democrats on the debt ceiling and decided that it is his only way to get the lowest corporate tax rate he believes.

This could quickly become one of the Trump Presidency’s definition:

«I mean, I contributed to Schumer, I contribute — I’ve known
Schumer for many, many years, «Trump said last
year. «And I have a good relationship with him.The fact is,
I think it’s time maybe we all do. »
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