Trump may find that his NAFTA, the enemies are mounting

The Opposition inside and outside of the united states

Executives are increasingly concerned that the Asset can tear up the NAFTA, and they are preparing.

Business leaders are grouped together to tell Trump that of their supply chains depends on the predictability of the NAFTA.

At the same time, the Canadian foreign affairs minister Bob Nault asked Congress to weigh in.

«The last time I looked, the UNITED states is not a dictatorship, and it is
Canada or Mexico. So this is not about a person, if it is the
the president of the united States or the prime minister of Canada.»

«The role that Congress plays is very, very important and if the
the united States government and its representatives is not
interested in the case, they should probably tell us not to put forward
parts that they know we would never agree to the negotiation

In the end, Trump may be facing the decision of the demagoguery on NAFTA, tear up the agreement and the fight against the courts, or to accept cosmetic changes to the convention and the declaration of a hollow victory.

With Trump, you never know.

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