United KINGDOM Fox repeats that «brexit» divorce bill cannot be decided in the framework of the final agreement

United KINGDOM, the trade minister, Liam Fox, speaking on ITV a short while ago 22 Oct

  • Great britain offers to the other 27 members of the EU «more insurance» on his divorce before the next summit in December to push the negotiations forward to a discussion of a future business relationship
  • The EU must not believe that Britain was bluffing in saying that he was preparing for a deal, describing the trading according to the rules of the wto as «not exactly a nightmare scenario», but I prefer to have an agreement

«I don’t know what the number is, but it is very clear that we could not have the final number in the context of a final agreement, we would like to know what the final state.

«Away from the hyperbole around the bill of divorce, it is in fact a large part of the ongoing cooperation between us.»

The comments come after the european summit that ended Friday with apparently a better level of good will, as I reported here, but with Macron less cordial, and stating:

  • not even finished half of the work on «brexit» regulation of the financial
  • at no time, May not make no deal scenario
  • it is for Barnier to put a figure on the amount of the transaction, but it is important

I repeat one more time. If the united KINGDOM, said financial regulation may not be sorted to the end, and the EU has said that it needs to be sorted now, so how are they going to move to phase 2, in December, even if May not grant to to pay more ?
Enough of this nonsense for today. I’m heading back to enjoy the rest of your weekend and we’ll see later if the asian markets have nothing to say about Yellen’s speech Friday night.

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