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US 10-year yield approaches 100 days of MY — Forex Stock Trade

US 10-year yield approaches 100 days of MY

100-day MA at 2.2371%. The high reached today to 2.2322 per cent so far.Be aware of it. The 10 year yield is moving up to test the 100 day MA at 2.2371%. The high yield today reached 2.2322% so far.

The last low-yield reaches 2.1044%. This level tested a downward trend line (see red circle 3). From the bottom, the yield has increased to 7 days in a row (today is the 7th above 2.203%).
A movement above the 100-day MA will still be other barriers to access, and through. The 38.2% of the move down from the March high comes at 2.2487%. The 50% 2.3211% and 200 MY week to 2.3314 per cent. The yield has been more than 100 days in July and August, but could not sustain the push higher.
Currently, there is a surface resistance in the 100 days. If it holds, rising pairs such as the USDJPY may break his race. The rise in yields coincided with a run up in the USDJPY (see graph below).

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