US Dollar is not particularly impressed by the GDP beat

Dollar has touched the peaks of the day, but has slipped back

Some warnings in the GDP of the united states report of the impasse of the US dollar by the momentum after checking for the best levels of the day. The euro has fallen below 1.16, hit 1.1588, which is the lowest since the month of July. He then bounced around just above 1.1600.

The USD/JPY has touched 114.45, before falling back to 114.25, which is where it was before the report.

Two things like aberration and are probably because of the hurricane. One is that net exports have been a boost and this is because WE could not import oil during the storms and afterward. Secondarily, a large accumulation of stocks was probably due to the storm.

Still, there were negatives too, but the market is playing wait-and-see at the moment that the world of the tunes on the events in Spain.

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