US durable goods, due to the lower part of the time

BOC and DOE energy data later this morningThe US, durable goods orders will be released at 8: 30 a.m. ET/12: 30 GMT

  • Durables-1.0% estimate. Last 2.0%
  • Ex-Trans 0.5%. against 0.5% last month
  • Cap goods orders nondef. ex air +0.3% from +1.1% last month
  • Cap goods ship nondef ex air +0.1% vs. +1.1% last month.

Later, at 10 pm ET/1400 GMT, the bank of canada was the statement of the question. Later, at 11:15 AM ET/1515 GMT BOC Poloz and Wilkens, held a press conference.
At 10:30 AM ET/1430 GMT the DOE, data will be released for the current week. Last night, the private data for the inventories have shown:
The estimates for the DOE data, the estimates show:

  • Crude oil -3000K
  • Gasoline +1700K
  • Distillates 0K
  • Refinery utilisation rate of 1.25%

The data of the last night will probably adjust the whisper numbers that data around….Should be a crazy race.

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