USDCHF positions of the parity for the first time since the month of May

It has been stable, but the long ride higher for USDCHF 27 OctA stable rally from 0.9420, with more than a little support from the SNB, along the way today the violations of 1.00, for the first time on 15 May
USDCHF WeeklyGeneral USD demand, to help in this last step, but the rally now has to be tempered by the EURCHF supply post-ECB and1.1609 low of 1.1714 yesterday, the highest we have been since the snb removed the 1.2000 CHF cap on the famous Jan day in 2015
They have been very vocal and active re ongoing intervention to weaken the swiss franc and I have been an active advocate of buying the dips in both pairs. I hope that some of you have been to the edge and made a few pips along the way. We should not exclude other gains, even if the euro is having a little wobble now. EURCHF Weekly

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