What we know about Jerome Powell: He is calm and drive a Tesla

…and other things that we have learned about Powell

Profiles of Powell are coming fast.

Here he is at Princeton in 1975.

What we learned:

  • Its assets are reported, with a value of $19.7 million and $55m
  • His father was a lawyer and his mother was a part-time fundraiser for the RNC
  • In a 2011 closed-door meeting, he called on House Republicans for refusing to raise the debt ceiling
  • The people close to him say that he will never air the public’s concerns
  • He loosened the Fed’s dress code this summer
  • His wife is Elissa Leonard, who is a filmmaker who graduated from Harvard
  • He has 3 kids in their early 30s or late 20s by the name of Sam, Lucy and Susie
  • It is 64
  • He drives a Tesla
  • He has a degree in political science from Princeton university and a law degree from Georgetown

«It is remarkably undogmatic,» said Jeremy Stein, a Harvard University
professor of economics, a Democrat and former governor of the Fed, whose office was
adjacent to Mr. Powell. «He listens more than he speaks.»

It looks like it is going to be pragmatic and not dogmatic. He also likes to keep silent, so don’t expect to see on the cover of all the magazines, or the opening on his thoughts in the quarterly review of the press conference.

The WSJ calls him «Mr. Ordinary.» Reuters writes that he was angling for a position as a vice president of the surveillance, but lost in Quarles, but one thing led to another.

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