CAC 40 : stock index of Paris breaks its trend line, what are the next targets ?

The CAC40 out of its consolidation phase to the downside and accelerates to the upside.

In fact, after some hesitation during the last few sessions, the cac 40 takes the increase by breaking its trend line of the short-term.

A new high is registered to 5391, but the CAC40 seem to be able to climb more, possibly after a short break, and/or a pullback towards the line .

The next target upside can be identified to 5400, 5422 and then to the summit post-election 5477, before the threshold of 5500.

In the case of a break below the trend line and back below the 5370, downward pressure could take the relay and cause a correction in the direction of 5350 and 5330.

The cac 40 is currently trading at 5386 on the Paris stock exchange.

Chart CAC40 H1

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