CAC 40 : stock index paris continues its consolidation to the downside

The CAC40 it’s always a little volatile, evolving under a line of downward trend in the very short term.

In fact, after a phase of strong growth, the Paris stock exchange marks a pause in a phase of consolidation to the downside.

The most recent peak at 5385 date of 5 October, and today, 12 days later, we’re around 5365, twenty points lower, after consolidating slightly down.

The uptrend is therefore not called into question at this stage, but it will break the line of tendnace is happening now to 5375 to possibly have a pulse and return to the path of the rising in the direction of the 5400, 5422, then the highest recorded after the French elections to 5477.

Has the decline, there is a first support minor to 5350 before the 5330 and 5300.

A break here would weaken the upward bias, but this is below the 5260 as there is risk of return to a downward correction deeper.

The cac 40 is currently trading at 5366 at the Paris stock exchange.

Chart CAC40 H1

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