CAC 40 : stock index paris rises to new high and is approaching the annual summit

The CAC40 rising again, supported by the ECB.

Indeed, after increases of shy in a bevel, the cac 40 has broken to the downside yesterday, but without falling under the support of 5345.

A rebound began to take shape after a low point at 5354, and then breaking the resistance of the 5422, causing an acceleration upward above.

The increase in the CAC40, therefore, find its momentum and seems to be heading now to the annual summit of the 5477 registered after the elections in France.

Above, we then find the key psychological level of 5500.

The stock index could mark a break in this area.

For the reduction, we have media to 5422, 5394, 5370 and 5345.

The cac 40 is currently trading at 5447 on the Paris stock exchange.

Chart CAC40 H1

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