CAC40 : The Paris stock exchange is pushing up but the movement slows down at the approach of the tops

The CAC40 keeps your bullish on a stock exchange, but the new highest marginal are corrected quickly.

Indeed, since the break above 5370, the CAC40 is in a wedge of very short-term, continuing its progression at a low pace.

Today we recorded a new highest marginal 5416, but we are currently close to 5400.

The tone thus remains tilted to the upside, but the trend loses speed and force as we approach the peaks at 5477.

Before that, we will have a first barrier closest to the 5422.

In the event of a downturn in the 5394, the decline could strengthen to a movement in the direction of the 5370 and then 5345, where we could find support.

The cac 40 is currently trading at 5400 on the Paris stock exchange.

Chart CAC40 H1

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